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Art is a screenshot of the series.

Well, this one was a headache for balancing.

Let’s start with the basics. Goku gets more and more powerful as Dragon Ball got more and more letters added to its title. In the show, the way he got powerful is mostly “deciding” he needed to be, screaming a lot, and dying his hair.

I found that difficult to work with.

So I went back to the roots: he gets powerful because his enemies become so, and by fighting them, he becomes a better combatant.

Anyway, at the end of the show Goku is nothing short of a demigod, so I knew the end state would have to be a quasi-Progenitus beast. The problem was getting him there without: a) starting off too close as to not make the transition fun or motivating, and b) starting off too weak and getting our of character (he was a powerhouse already as a kid).

I think I managed to get a pretty cool balance. Okay, for six mana you get a 4/4 guy. But picture this. If they chump block it, next turn you get a flying 5/5 – and now they’re in trouble. If they don’t, you are getting four damage through consistently. And you still are motivated to keep leveling him up, of course – there are worlds of difference between a 5/5 with flying and a 10/10 with flying, first-strike and indestructible. I almost feel like attaching annihilator there.

Cost was upped enough so at first the card is disadvantageous, so you are motivated to look for a level up. Color was picked  because Goku is a simple minded creature guided by emotions (hunger and rage, most commonly).

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Rage quit

Art by Francisco Ibáñez.

I had no instants or red cards so far. The concept for rage quit came from red mostly always meaning fury and anger, and non-permanent spells usually representing actions.

A rage quit, for those that don’t know, it’s when a player quits a game after losing or just before actually losing, usually storming off and spouting insults and complains.

Your creature is not destroyed; before that happens, it leaves the battlefield by itself, flaming everything on its way.

So in this case, the rage quit card actually prevents rage quitting. If your big bad creature would be destroyed, instead of crying, you can wipe out your opponent’s board and smack him in the face.

It enables such a come back I feel tempted to call it “blue shell”!

Cost and rarity were a given.

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Summer at the beach

(For those of you that speak castilian, the original playtest name for this card was “verano guiri” ;))

So what does summer do? In Spain, a typical picture of the coast beaches includes pale people, wearing very little sunscreen and turning crab red.

The enchantment (that could’ve been a Planechase plane… perhaps another day), in its first iteration, affected “all creatures that have been continuously on the battlefield since the beginning of the turn”. That is, those that had already been for a little while at the beach. It was quite a mouthful though.

One of the axioms of design is “less is more”, so I looked for ways to reduce that criteria, and the easiest was this. I love cards with short text because they are so elegant and aesthetic.

The cost was a difficult decision. The only similar precedent I could find is Darkest Hour, from Urza’s Saga; but there’s also Blood Moon having a similar vibe. The cost had to have red in it. But since the flavor this card is playing upon involves the sun, it felt wrong not to have some white.

For a while I was going to go with RW, but this could be a nice hoser against Crusade and similar cards, so I made it into hybrid to allow it in monocolor red decks. White can use it to, hum, bypass protection from white perhaps? I’m sure the Johnnys in the audience will find a way to break it.

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