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Currency exchange

Art from CurrencyNews.

This one started as an attempt to make a translation card. Turn something into the same thing but different (gods, I am great at explaining). The idea just sort of popped into my head, I guess because transforming cards is to typical but counters I think it hasn’t been done before. In the end translating didn’t fit the flavor as good as changing currencies.

Of course blue is the master at manipulation, and the pricetag goes in the line of Polymorph. This could be used to turn -1/-1 counters into +1/+1 (or viceversa), or mess with time counters from vanishing. Notice it says permanent, not creature — you can deactivate artifacts with charge counters or even kill planeswalkers!

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Tetris Player

I wanted the ability to be reusable, so I chose a negligible casting cost and paired it with a high activation cost. I didn’t set it that higher, though, because I compensated by making it quite frail. You would probably get at most one use out of this before being killed, since you are probably casting it in a dedicated deck and sort of abusing it.

Blue is the color of messing with tapping and face-down, so that was a no-brainer.

Templating is probably not right; I tried changing it to “Choose one – Target permanent spell enters the battlefield tapped, or target permanent spell etc” — I think that’s how it would be written in real MtG. But it became too wordy and ofuscated the joke. So I let this one slide too.

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