Tetris Player

I wanted the ability to be reusable, so I chose a negligible casting cost and paired it with a high activation cost. I didn’t set it that higher, though, because I compensated by making it quite frail. You would probably get at most one use out of this before being killed, since you are probably casting it in a dedicated deck and sort of abusing it.

Blue is the color of messing with tapping and face-down, so that was a no-brainer.

Templating is probably not right; I tried changing it to “Choose one – Target permanent spell enters the battlefield tapped, or target permanent spell etc” — I think that’s how it would be written in real MtG. But it became too wordy and ofuscated the joke. So I let this one slide too.

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Link, Hero of Time

Costing Link in anything but green would feel just wrong. That’s why he is not in blue, despite destroying plants and surrounding himself in ancient mystical trinkets.

If we go by flavor, you could even argue for white/red, seeing as how he’s a crusader of peace fueled by the Triforce of courage.

Templating would mean the owner getting seven more turns instead of the opponent skipping, but as I find again and again, sometimes I need to make flavor trump wording or the effect is lost.

Mana cost and loyalty values were handwaved – the first ability is unplayable anyway. This was one of those cases where I wasn’t aiming for something a hundred percent printable, but just close enough.

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