Douchebag jar

I am not a big fan of Fox’s New Girl (every time I give it a new chance, it disappoints me again by not being funny). But it inspired this card. The douchebar jar functions exactly like you would expect (that is, like a swear jar  for douches).

In Magic terms, I chose to represent being a douchebag as killing your things, burning your face or making you discard – so, mostly anything that targets you or your things. I thought simply “playing a spell” was too harsh.

Easiest way to compensate? Giving you mana! Also considered – getting back at your opponent making him discard, exiling his creatures… But punishing bad behaviour feels quite white, so I thought it would be better to take a Gandhi approach and not retaliating in the same terms, but in a more soft subtle indirect way.

The green is to make the mana feel more at home. Yes, I know that this is more multicolor than hybrid, but I wanted the cost at one (hybrid – classic trick to keep costs down). This artifact is only useful played as soon as you can.

Finally, I made it legendary to avoid abuse by having a lot of them in the field, and rare because it’s legendary – c’mon, what is this, Kamigawa?

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One thought on “Douchebag jar

  1. axionymous says:

    I liked it, good job.

    I though about joining you making my version of the card only knowing the name. This first time was hard because I don’t watch New Girl so the joke went all over my head. I remembered the brokeness of Memory Jar and started to think that way with the “Douchebag meme” in my mind. After some failed tries I got this:

    Douchebag jar, 3
    Creature spells you cast cost 2 less to cast. Whenever a creature enters your battlefield under your control exile it.
    5, T, Sacrifice ~: Return all creatures exiled with ~ to the battlefield under your control.

    Lets you play creatures for less than their cost.
    (Douchebag jar.)
    Exiles them.

    I gave a very high activation cost for the potential of the card. After all, you can play cheap creatures with interesting “come into play” abilities that could get triggered twice.

    All in all, yours is way better.

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