So when I decided to make a card about pizza, I thought: “what’s the most characteristic thing they have?” And that is, of course, all these 2×1 deals.

I tried that idea first. The initial iteration of the mechanic was called “Tuesday’s Special Offer” and offered you the copy token when you casted it on a Tuesday. That felt a little too Unglued-y, and since I try to keep the cards as real-Magic as I can, I settled on a “second pizza for 50%” deal that is also quite common.

Again, I am sure that since this is an additional cost for casting, that ability should be the first line on the card. But remember to never put the punchline on the title, kids.

And what other characteristic does pizza have? You share it with your friends and feel great eating it. So a buff that many creatures can enjoy – bit by bit. Counters came to mind. It also had to be an artifact, because everybody loves pizza.

I needed an even casting cost for the extra 50% and pizzas are usually cut into six or eight portions, but that was too unplayable, so I reduced it to four. With the special promotion, for six mana you can pump +8/+8 permanently, at delayed instant speed, among your creatures; it also interacts great with persist, proliferate and metalcraft.

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